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Changes to City of Chicago Multi-Unit Building Policy

As of October 28, 2015, multi-unit buildings of five or more units in Chicago are required to retain a private disposal service. For more than 80 years and 5 generations, Flood Brothers has been Chicago’s hometown hauler and we’re an approved hauler by the City of Chicago.  We pride ourselves on superior service at fair prices. Let us take care of your recycling and collection needs. We'd love to get you a quote -- request one here.

Flood Brothes Chicago

Bartlett, IL Fire Department Slices Through Our Dumpsters

The only way to get good at what you do is practice -- the strong men and women of our country's fire departments know that better than anyone. These brave warriors head straight-on into dangerous situations... to save lives. To this end, they need to be experts at getting into, and out of, anywhere. Firefighters often use saws and other heavy equipment in order to accomplish this, whether it's removing someone from a wrecked vehicle, from under debris, or virtually anywhere.

Flood Brothers Dumpsters at Bartlett, IL Fire Department Practice

Flood Brothers supported the Bartlett, Illinois fire department by donating some out-of-commission dumpsters for their firefighting practice session. The department reported that they were challenged by the thick steel of the dumpsters and it was a valuable session to help them deal with the most extreme of situations.

Thanks, Bartlett FD for protecting our citizens and putting yourselves in danger to protect and save the lives of our community!

See more photos of Flood Brothers dumpsters being put to the test by the Bartlett FD!


Dumpster Rental at Flood Brothers (of course, not any that are sawed in half!)


Service Day Change in a portion of Carol Stream starting August 5th

Approximately 820 homes north of Lies Rd. will change from Thursday trash, recycling and yard waste service Wednesday starting on Wednesday, August 5, 2015. Residents in the affected will be notified through door hangers at their homes and a notice sent in the mail. Some of our routes have experienced changes in volume in recent months and years, while others have remained the same so we are taking the opportunity now to balance them out. The change was necessitated by variables which has resulted in some trash and recycling routes being disproportionately larger and heavier than others.

Customers on the following streets will move from Thursday service to Wednesday service. The last day of trash, recycling and yard waste service on the previous schedule will be July 30, 2015; the new service schedule will begin August 5, 2015.
Flood Brothers Carol Stream

We appreciate our customers’ cooperation and patience during this re-routing process. “We hope that by making this change, we can serve our customers in a more efficient manner over the longer term.” Flood Bros Disposal Co. customer service can be reached at 630-261-0400.

Carol Stream Change

Chicago Area Dumpster Rentals

Are you thinking about renting a dumpster or roll off container but not sure what you need or what it costs?
Flood Brothers disposal can simplify your rental. We know that there are questions about the rental process, and that is why we make the extra effort to answer them and make you feel at ease. At Flood Brothers Disposal, we maintain an excellent reputation for customer satisfaction and support. Because of our dedication to our customers, we make sure that you are completely happy with all your waste management needs.

We are honest and open about costs when it comes to dumpster rental pricing. When you call, we are straight to the point and give you a rate. Just call us up and we will tell you what it will cost. Included in our prices are delivery and pickup.

There are many reasons why people rent a dumpster or roll off container. They are used for all types of remodeling and renovation projects for homes, basements, bathrooms and many more other reasons. Some people even need to rent a dumpster because they are tearing down a shed, deck or even a house! If you have decided that you need one, contact us today and we will further help you with the questions you have to find the perfect size. We will also help you narrow down the amount of time you will need your bin as well as figure out what materials you will be using it for.
We are locally owned and deliver at speedy rates and best competitive prices. Here are a few reasons why you should rent with us:

  • ASAP Delivery/Pickup
  • Locally and Family Owned
  • Servicing Chicago Metro
  • Commercial and Residential Roll Offs

Before you call, it is helpful to know a few things:

  • Location where the roll off container should will be placed
  • Type of materials and approximate amount to be thrown in the bin
  • How long you think you will need it

Location is important because this is where we will be dropping your box. Make sure you have enough room so that, if you don’t have a big driveway, it won’t take your car parking spots or block the entrance to your garage. Careful considerations like these can save you from dead grass, driveway scratches and unpleasant scenery for you and your neighbors when you chose our services.

We can also help you if you know what materials and how much of those materials you will be throwing into the bin. By knowing this, we can target what specific size will be right for you and your project. Sometimes refilling a smaller container is cheaper than renting a size to large; it can be vice versa, The good news is that our service representatives help you decide on the best options to help you save money instead of spending more money than needed.

Employee of the Month — June 2015

Congratulations to Dawn McFadden, Flood Brothers Disposal employee of the month for June 2015! Dawn has been an outstanding and loyal employee of Flood Brothers for 19 years. She is a key part of our success as a family owned, local company. Dawn has a knack for creating unique solutions to problems that are equally as unique. The past few years she has grown into a leadership role at Flood Brothers.

June Flood Brothers Employee of the Month

Dawn's amazing laugh and great sense of humor add more than a touch of fun to our office. Plus, she has a deeply rooted love for the Chicago sports scene, and doesn't hesitate to share with everyone. Flood Brothers is honored and very, very proud to have Dawn on our team. Please join us in celebrating her 19 years of service!


Container Rentals at Flood Brothers

Flood Brothers Chicago Recycling Services

City of Oakbrook Terrace and Flood Brothers Present Fireworks!

Happy 4th of July Oakbrook Terrace

The 2015 City of Oakbrook Terrace 4th of July Celebration

Picnic 3:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
At Terrace View Park (Residents Only -ID is Required)

Bingo  6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
(Residents Only -ID is Required)

City of Oakbrook Terrace & Flood Brothers
Concert and Fireworks Display
9:30 p.m.
At Terrace View Park

Tickets are required for the Picnic only, not for the fireworks

Tickets are FREE for Residents and $10.00 for Non-Residents.

Non-Residents must have a Resident purchase their tickets.

Tickets will not be sold to Non-Residents.

Tickets are available at the City of Oakbrook Terrace


No Animals, Alcohol, or Fireworks Allowed.

For more information

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Supporting St. Joseph’s Hospital with a Round of Celebrity Golf

We had a blast at the recent round of "Celebrity Golf" fundraiser, supporting St. Joseph's Hospital in Chicago. Our very own Jack Nugent joined employees of St. Joseph's as well as Dan Wiederer, sports writer for the Chicago Tribune.

Flood Brothers Plays Golf with Dan Wiederer of the Chicago Tribune

A big thank you to all fellow supporters of this wonderful organization!


Container Rentals from Flood Brothers Disposal

Chicago Waste Recycling

Supporting The National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame

Shawn Flood  recently attended the 8th Annual Tommy Lasorda Golf Open at the Hilton Chicago/Indian Lakes Resort  It was not only for a great cause but was a fun-filled day of golf and all the delicious Italian food you can eat.

Can't say much about their golf game but meeting the great Tommy Lasorda, the legendary manager who led the Dodgers for 20 years, and getting his autograph had to be the highlight of the day.


Tommy Lasorda with Shawn Flood (green shirt)


Garbage Truck Driver of the Month – May 2015

Flood Brothers Garbage Truck Driver of the Month

Congratulations to Ken Till, Flood Brothers Driver of the Month!

Flood Brothers Driver of the Month

Ken has been employed for over 10 years working on a commercial waste disposal route in and around the Chicagoland area. Ken comes in every day, and works extremely hard at his job. Ken has been an accident free driver and is a leader in the Flood Brothers garbage service driver safety program.

During the winter months, Ken enjoys plowing snow in and around the Chicagoland area. Flood Brothers is fortunate to have drivers like Ken!


Flood Brothers Disposal is on the web -- follow us on:
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National Garbage Man Day Week is Here!

Every year, the hardworking men and women of the waste management business toil around the clock to keep your neighborhoods clean. According to garbagemanday.org, over 250 MILLION tons of it!

Flood Brothers Celebrates National Garbage Man Day

The week of June 17th, 2015 is the time to show your appreciation for all they do, including the men and women at Flood Brothers Disposal. Our waste disposal company values each and every member of our hardworking family.

Join Flood Brothers on Facebook to show your appreciation for these fine folks in the Chicago recycling service and Chicago disposal service!