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Cool DuPage – 5 Easy Ways to be Green


1. Replace light bulbs with compact fluorescent lights or LEDs.

2. Turn down the thermostat 3 degrees in the winter and up 3 degrees in the summer.

3. Inflate car tires to improve gas mileage.

4. Wash and rinse clothes in cold water and line dry.

5. Walk, bike, carpool, or take public transit.

Visit dupageco.org/cooldupage for more information and tips!

School District 93’s Western Trails students dig in with Flood Brothers Disposal to plant trees for Earth Day

CAROL STREAM – Students from Community Consolidated School District 93’s Western Trails Elementary School dug in with Flood Brothers Disposal on Tuesday, April 21, 2015 to celebrate Earth Day and the two organizations’ commitment to composting by planting two trees at the school.

Flood Brothers Disposal and Western Trails Elementary Plant a Tree for Earth Day

Eighty Western Trails fourth and fifth grade students, including many from the school’s student council, heard from Western Trails Principal Julie Tobin, Village of Carol Stream Trustee Rick Gieser, and Brian Flood of Flood Brothers about the importance of caring for the earth, recycling, and composting.

“It’s important for these kids to learn the importance of caring for the environment. We want to help them see that what they throw in the garbage has an impact. We used compost from our pioneering BioBin program and I think they were surprised to hear it’s made up of food and other biodegradable waste we have collected,” said Brian Flood, co-owner of Flood Brothers.

The students then had the opportunity to use fresh Flood Brothers compost to plant one of the trees. Flood Brothers also gave students eco-friendly reusable bags containing fresh compost with worms and directions for students to start composting at home.

Flood Brothers Disposal Plants a Tree for Earth Day with CCSD93

“I thought it was cool that we got to plant our own tree and that we learned how to make our own compost,” said 5th grade student council member Emma Palermo. “This will help me compost at home.”

The students were already familiar with the concept of composting, as in March the school became the first in the area to start separating items for composting in its lunchroom.

The school has added compost bins and liquids containers to the trash and recycling bins that were already in place. During their lunchtimes, students have learned about the benefits of composting and what goes in each bin from staff, fellow students, and other volunteers. Rather than ending up in a landfill, the compostable items are composted naturally into nutrient-rich soil, just like the compost soil that student used to plant the tree and received from Flood Brothers at the ceremony.

Prior to introducing composting in the lunchroom, Western Trails student council members performed a waste audit and found that on a given day more than 80 percent of the lunchroom trash - about 260 pounds worth - was compostable. Composting at Western Trails could keep more than 47,000 pounds of garbage out of landfills and turned into soil instead during a given school year.

“This is just a great way to help our community,” said Palermo.

Flood Brothers Disposal Sponsors Earth Day at Lurie Children’s Hospital Chicago

This year, Flood Brothers Disposal was ecstatic to be able to sponsor our friends at Lurie Children's Hospital this Earth Day week. We donated over 500 re-usable bags! We try to be more than just a garbage disposal and recycling company -- this is just one of many ways we work to actively make our communities a better place.

Flood Brothers Disposal Sponsors Lurie Childen's Hospital

Learn more about Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago


Earth Day Clean Up!

Earth Day is on Wednesday, April 22, 2015. Pingree Grove Cares is asking people to go out this weekend for the Village Wide Cleanup. It’s a family-friendly event, so grab your love ones, including friends and neighbors to clean up Pingree Grove’s parks and common areas. The community center has donated bags and plastic gloves and Flood Brothers donated garbage pickup sticks to help the effort. There are also extra trash bins by the ball fields also donated by Flood Brothers.

Thank you for supporting this great cause to help clean up Pingree Grove.

Flood Brothers Disposal & Recycling Featured by Schaumburg’s Sustainable Future

We were so proud to be mentioned in Schaumburg's Sustainable Future blog for our revolutionary Bio-Bin vermicomposting program.

Flood Brothers Chicago Goes Green with Vermicomposting

Flood Brothers Chicago Goes Green with Vermicomposting


Says author Nida Mufti:

I was curious to learn how the testing phase was going and contacted Brian Flood, owner of Flood Brothers. One of the reasons Mr. Flood and his company started composting is “because everybody wants to get out of the regular way of disposing trash.” It was important for the company to make strides forward by offering services to divert food waste from landfills. Mr. Flood stated, “The testing phase is going well. We realized [the] breakdown is more difficult than we thought; it’s a slow process, but it’s going very well. We’ve been working with food processor companies to improve methods and in just one month we’ve been able to keep 10 tons of food waste out of the landfill.”

Read the full story here.


Flood Brothers on the Better Business Bureau

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Happy Spring Chicagoland


If you’re ready to do some spring cleaning, start gathering items for the upcoming Recycling Extravaganza, a popular annual event where you can drop off many items not accepted through curbside recycling service.

From 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, April 11, 2015, the commuter parking lot at Liberty Drive and Carlton Avenue in Wheaton will be transformed into a maze of cars with drop-off stations and volunteers ready to unload your stuff. Have an old washing machine, car batteries, electronics, bicycles, cooking oil, eye glasses, swing sets, clothing buttons or any of the other items listed below? This event accepts all of these for either recycling or reuse.

The Recycling Extravaganza is run by Wheaton’s Environmental Improvement Commission, and volunteers are greatly appreciated. To volunteer, groups or individuals high school age or older can call 630-690-1237 or 630-653-8776.


Chere HERE on what to bring or not to bring!

Flood Brothers Rolls Out “Bio-Bin” Vermicompost Program in Chicago

At Flood Brothers Disposal and Recycling, it's crucial for us to look for new ways to recycle and keep our planet -- and our local neighborhoods -- clean and free of waste.

Flood Brothers Disposal and Recycling Bio-Bin System

We're testing out a new program at our Chicago garbage recycling facility called "Bio-Bins." They are designed to contain food waste and other organic waste into containers that are filled with earthworms. These little guys munch on the waste products and produce a special type of compost called "vermicompost" -- an excellent plant fertilizer!

See the full story on Marketwire.


Flood Brothers on the Better Business Bureau

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Flood Brothers Disposal at the East Dundee, IL St. Patrick’s Day Parade!

The Flood Brothers team was SO excited to be a part of the St. Patrick's Day parade in Dundee, IL this weekend. Along with our truck and Irish flags hanging high, there were many sights to be seen -- including a leprechaun on stilts, a fantastic drill team performance, dudes on mini-bikes, and kids and families having fun. May you all be blessed this St. Paddy's Day, from everyone here at Flood Brothers Disposal.

Flood Brothers on the Better Business Bureau

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2015 Weather Update

Proper Snow Removal for Best Service

Please be courteous to shovel and keep containers clear from snow and ice. This will allow Flood Brothers to ensure driver safety and also minimize disruption to your Village’s continual snow removal efforts.

Commercial Customers Need to Keep a Clear Path

Reminder to all our commercial accounts, please clear snow and ice around your containers and salt generously. Our drivers need to maintain safely measures and although may be able to get to containers using a winch, they may not be able to place it back into position due to heavy snow and ice conditions.


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Groundhog Day 2015: Six more weeks of winter

Punxsutawney Phil did see his shadow... so that means six more weeks of winter but it’s not too early to think about Spring Cleaning!

As our city roads are being cleared of snow and ice and our kids enjoy another snow day, it’s a perfect time to think about cleaning out those closets and garages to make room for Spring and all the fun it will bring!


Flood Brothers Disposal Rents Dumpsters to Fill Your Needs for Spring Cleaning

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