At Flood Brothers Disposal and Recycling, it's crucial for us to look for new ways to recycle and keep our planet -- and our local neighborhoods -- clean and free of waste. There are many creative ways to help your trash service reduce the waste they have to haul, as well as keeping useful items out of the trash... and out of landfills. For example, you could "upcycle" household items and other useful things, like electronics, turning them into useable items with years of extended life. (We've even compiled some tips on how to upcycle!) However, what do you do with all that organic waste you might have? All those vegetables, coffee grounds, eggshells, and more that end up in your garbage bag could be put to better use, serving the planet by providing everything from power to plant fertilizer. So, if you're not an avid composter, read on to see how we're helping manage this growing waste management problem.

Flood Brothers Disposal and Recycling Bio-Bin System


We're testing out a new program at our Chicago garbage recycling facility called "Bio-Bins." They are designed to contain food waste and other organic waste into containers that are filled with earthworms. These little guys munch on the waste products and produce a special type of compost called "vermicompost" -- which happens to be an excellent plant fertilizer!

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