Q: What kind of payment methods are available?

We offer three kinds of payments, in addition to paying manually by mail:

  • Payment by Phone: Customers wishing to make a credit card or check payment over the phone can call our office Monday through Saturday. We will charge your credit card or process your check at that time. We will email you a notification of your payment or give you a confirmation number over the phone.
  • Online Paperless Bill Payment: Our online bill payment program is a convenient, paperless option for customers. You will need the "access code" printed on your statement. If you do not have this access code, you need to contact our office at 630-261-0400 to be issued an access code. Once you have an access code, your account has been set up and you will no longer need the access code. Your "Customer #" is your account number. This number begins with 01- or 03- followed by a series of numbers. There is a space before the last number. THIS LAST NUMBER IS NOT A PART OF YOUR ACCOUNT NUMBER. You do not need to enter the last number when you log into bill pay. Click here to sign up for Easy Pay online billing & payments.
  • Direct Debit: A customer wishing to use direct debit can complete the appropriate form with his or her banking or credit card information. This can also be set up by calling our office. The customer’s account will be debited or the credit card charged for the balance due on the account on the due date of their current statement. A statement will be mailed showing the date payment will be debited from their account.

Q: Where is my access code on the invoice?

  • The access code is located at the bottom of the invoice. If you have already registered your account, your access code is no longer available.

Q: What is a proration?

  • If you start service after our billing date, your first invoice will show a proration from the day you started to the date of the next billing date. If you change your service during a billing period, the proration will show the change in service price for the period already invoiced.

Q: What is a “scavenger service charge”?

  • This is your disposal charge for the current billing period.

Q: What is a “processing fee”?

  • The processing fee is a fee for manual processing of billing and payments. If you wish to sign up on our Easy Pay online billing & payment program the fee will no longer be charged. This will save you $2.50 a billing period.

Q: What is the difference between an invoice an a statement?

  • An invoice shows charges for the current billing period only. A statement shows all open invoices that have not been paid.

Q: Why am I getting charged a City Permit Fee?

  • It is a fee from the City Of Chicago and gets billed every 3 months (January, April, July and October.) This fee started in April of 2009.