The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency states electronic waste is now the fastest growing segment of our nation's garbage production. There are ways that each and every one of us can turn this around -- by recycling! Electronic waste, including computers and TVs, contain toxic materials such as lead, chromium, cadmium, mercury, beryllium, nickel, zinc and other potentially harmful chemicals. The EPA warns when electronics that contain these materials are not recycled or are not disposed of properly, the hazardous chemicals can contaminate the ground water and present additional environmental concerns. See below for helpful links to aid our Chicago and Chicago-area customers in disposing of your electronics properly and putting them to good use through recycling.

  • Use this handy Recycling Search to find an e-waste recycler near you.
  • Check with your city or village for special collection events and pickup days.
  • Kane County residents – click here for drop-off locations and collection events.
  • DuPage County residents – click here for electronic recycling information.
  • Check out MidWest Computer Recycling for drop-off times and locations. 
  • Many stores accept drop-offs. Check with Staples, Verizon, and Best Buy. Always confirm ahead of time what types of e-waste they accept.  
  • From time to time, Flood Brothers provides electronic drop-offs at select locations in some of the communities we serve. Call 630-261-0400 for more information. 
  • For an extra fee, Flood Brothers will collect electronics at your location. Contact us online to get a quote or call 630-261-0578.
Read more about electronics stewardship from the EPA.

State Ban

The state of Illinois electronic waste landfill ban is a state law.

The State Statute can be found here.