Beginning July 1, 2019 Flood Brothers is proud to begin service to the residents in the City of Prospect Heights. Welcome to the family! Residential pickups will occur on Fridays, and will be delayed one day during weeks that contain holidays listed at the bottom of this page.  You may also follow #FloodBothersDisposal on Social Media for up to the minute holiday service schedules and weather related delays.

Prospect Heights Autism Truck 1st Day

Single family residents will be provided with unlimited trash collection, unlimited recycling collection, and unlimited landscape waste collection. Residents are allowed one bulk item pick up per week free of charge. Pickup days will remain the same as they are currently.

Effective July 1st, Flood Brothers. will provide each single-family household with a 95-gallon refuse cart and a 65 gallon recycling cart. Flood Bros will provide townhome units with a 65-gallon refuse cart and a 35 gallon recycling container, respectively.  

If you’d like a change of cart size, please contact our office after July 1st.  Additional cart sizes are available for those residents that would be interested; with a rental price applied.  All equipment will be owned and maintained by Flood Brothers, and we will collect recyclables curbside using the single stream process. There is no limit to the number of recycling bins or to the quantity of recyclables that a household may place at the curb for collection.

Read more about what can be recycled. 

Flood Brothers will provide once per week unlimited collection of Landscape Waste.  Landscape waste disposal collections will begin the week of March 15th and continue through December 15th. Christmas trees, without landscape waste stickers, will be collected the first three weeks in January.   All yard waste shall be placed in a waterproof plastic or metal container with a tight cover, or a biodegradable Kraft bag of a size no larger than 35 gallons and not exceeding 50lbs. Flood Brothers will make 65-gallon carts available for monthly rental if residents prefer.

Please note the state of Illinois electronic waste landfill ban is a state law. Electronic waste cannot be collected with household refuse/waste.

Read more about electronic recycling.

Vacation Policy:

Residents are required to notify Flood Brothers prior to going on vacation. There is a 30 day minimum and no maximum (within one calendar year) in order to receive credit. Residents must supply a start and return date prior to their departure. Any balance must be paid in full before vacation status is applied. Credit will be applied upon return. No credit will be issued if Flood Bros Disposal is notified after the fact.


If a holiday falls on a weekday or Sunday whichs calls for observation the following Monday, and your regularly scheduled pickup is on or after the holiday, your pickup will be delayed by one day.

The following is a list of observed holidays:

New Year’s Day        Memorial Day        Independence Day        Labor Day        Thanksgiving Day        Christmas Day

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