Flood Brothers Front Load Dumpster


REMINDER: Please DO NOT mix yard waste with your regular garbage, it WILL NOT be collected. Yard waste must be separated and properly containerized.

Flood Brothers takes great pride in providing residential customers with refuse, yard waste and recycling collection services. We believe in SMARTER WASTE SOLUTIONS and we are here to prove that with our commitment to responsive, reliable service, safety and professionalism from our team of experts, including more than 15 Flood family members. It’s a team effort to keep our communities clean, and we strive to work with you to provide the best service at a fair price.

Collection Days

Except as modified during holiday weeks, refuse, recycling and yard waste will be collected on the same day, once per week (multi-family dwellings utilizing containerized service may have additional pickups). All containers should be placed at the curb on the morning of pickup. (Drivers call our office by radio and advise us of houses that do not have their containers out). If you fail to place your refuse, recycling or yard waste at the curb, the driver will return the following week.

Office Hours

Our office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, and 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on Saturdays. Our offices are closed on Sundays and the holidays listed below.


If a holiday falls on a weekday or a Sunday, and your regularly scheduled pickup is on or after the holiday, your pickup will be delayed by one day. Friday customers will be serviced on Saturday. Flood Brothers will not collect on the following holidays:



If you are moving, please contact our customer service department to terminate service and remove any Flood Brothers equipment provided. They are available during office hours at at (630) 261-0400.

Additional Services

Flood Brothers offers residents additional services for collection; please contact our customer service department at (630) 261-0400 to schedule or estimate additional services.

Yard Waste and Leaf Stickers

Call (630) 261-0400 to find out locations near you where you can purchase Flood Brothers yard waste and leaf stickers.  Please note that branches must be cut into 4 ft. lengths and must not be larger than 2 feet in diameter.  Bushes cannot weigh more than 50 pounds and cannot be longer than 4 feet or wider than two feet in diameter.

Bulk Item Collection

Bulk items are those items that cannot be reduced to fit into containers. These would include mattresses, box springs, tables, chairs, bookcases and other furniture. Please contact our customer service department at (630) 261-0400 to schedule or estimate a bulk item collection.

White Good Item Collection (Appliances)

The following items are considered white goods: refrigerators, stoves, washers, dishwashers, freezers, dryers, hot water tanks, air conditioners and furnaces.

Construction Debris Collection

Construction debris includes drywall, plywood, paneling, carpeting, sod, clay, sand, stone, concrete, rocks, disassembled kitchen and bathroom fixtures, or other loose construction material that is not suitable for placement in our provided containers and exceeds 50 pounds in weight, or when bundled exceeds four feet in length and eighteen inches in diameter. These collections will be charged a minimum pick-up rate. Please check your town for specific cubic yard collection.

Christmas Tree Collection

All holiday greenery, including Christmas trees, decorative holiday wreaths and boughs, must have tinsel, ornaments and lights removed from them before being placed at the curb for pickup. Holiday greenery will be picked up and disposed of as general refuse with the regular garbage. Compost facilities are closed during the winter months; hence disposal of holiday greenery as general refuse is the only disposal option available. Please recycle your broken holiday light strands in the recycling barrels at these convenient locations.

Hazardous / Unacceptable Materials

Household hazardous waste products are flammable, toxic, corrosive or reactive and pose a harmful threat or damage to the environment when disposed of improperly. Items such as paint, household batteries, pesticides, poisons, cleaning solvents, tainted gasoline, used oil and other automotive products are considered to be hazardous waste and should not be included with your regular garbage for disposal. For specific county information visit: Cook, Kane, DuPage.

Electronics Recycling

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency states electronic waste is now the fastest growing segment of our nation’s waste. Electronic waste, including computers and TVs, contain toxic materials such as lead, chromium, cadmium, mercury, beryllium, nickel, zinc and other potentially harmful chemicals. The EPA warns when electronics that contain these materials are not recycled or disposed of properly, the hazardous chemicals can contaminate the ground water and present additional environmental concerns. The State of Illinois Electronic Waste Landfill Ban is a State Law. Under this state law, electronic waste cannot be collected with household refuse/waste. Contact Flood Brothers to schedule an e-waste collection or find out what items are banned. To sign up for Subscription Waste Collection Services call or contact us. For information on electronic recycling events, dates, and drop-off locations for Kane County, click here.